Basketball is an intense sport. It’s very demanding. It’s a fantastic sport that allows you to work on your skills and at the same time improve and better skills of the whole squad. When game day arrives, there are some healthy precautions that a player must adhere to.

You should remain focused because the intention of the match is to win and garner the necessary points which will fly the team’s flag high. The more prepared you’ll be for the match, the better. A more prepared mind is expected to showcase great performance. Here are some points that you can follow so as to ensure you’re fully prepared for the game day.

How to Prepare Yourself the Night Before the Match

Your meal the night before the match should comprise a high carbohydrate diet. You should avoid high-fat diets a day before the game day. Basketball is a sport that requires a player to be active at all times. Players are always running when striking and running back when defending.

The essence of a high carbs diet is because you’ll require a lot of energy in the pitch. Enough energy will make you endure the match. The primary sources of energy are from carbohydrates. Meals that are high in carbs will supply and replenish your body with all the energy that it will require. A meal that comprises a lot of fats will make your digestion slow. Because you need to be well prepared before the match, quick digestion is required so that you pack your body with enough energy reserves.

Hydrate as Much as Possible

Basketball is intense. Both during training and game day, the body sweats profusely. This means that there will be a decrease in water in the body. So as to showcase a brilliant game, you’ll need to rehydrate your body properly. Don’t take water only when you feel thirsty. Drink water consistently throughout the day before the match. Strive and drink at least 2 liters of water.

Pack All You Need for The Match and Put Them in A Bag

Before you retire to bed for a thorough rest, gather and pack all you need for the basketball match. Have your warm-up suits, uniform, socks and shoes well placed in the bag. Also, don’t forget to include all other undergarments that you’ll require for the match like braces and pads.

Add your water bottle packed with water and a pre-game snack. You can also call your friends and remind them to come for the match. Remind them to pack their tickets for the game which they acquired at Ticket club. Ask them not to be late for the match.

Organize Your Means of Transport in Advance

All athletes are supposed to be punctual. As a basketball player, it’s your responsibility to arrive at the venue of the match early in advance. If you are not aware where the match will be played, make it your concern and know all the details of the match. If you’ll be travelling on your own for the match, ensure you organize your means transport in advance. Ensure you sleep well. Sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours.

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