Growing up much of my spare time was spent immersing myself in the world of books and many of these worlds tended to centre around schools. Whether this was traditional schools, boarding schools or schools for magical beings. This a past time that has carried on well into my adulthood. Here are some of the books and series that I have enjoyed over the years:

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Enid Blyton

Two of my favourite series written by this incredibly popular author were St Clare’s and Malory Towers. Both of these centred around the lives of the students at all girl boarding schools. There were some similarities between the two books including the popular girls, the girls who are not so nice and also the sporting activities that are compulsory for the students to take part in. Much like the team sports that are played in schools today including Netball and Hockey. Many students carry on playing these sports well after they have left school and will join adult teams where training will include the weekly skills sessions and also perhaps watching some Hockey Training drills like the ones you can see at


Anthony Horowitz

Groosham Grange has been one book that I have kept for many years and in the winter months it is my go-to book to enjoy. It follows the lives of the staff and students at this far from standard school. With a headteacher that keeps bags of blood in his fridge, a French teacher who mysteriously disappears when a full moon appears, and the religious studies teacher has his name printed on a gravestone in the local cemetery. All is not what it seems in Groosham Grange.

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J K Rowling

Harry Potter has become one of the most well-known book series in recent literary history. Focused on the lives of the witches and wizards that attend Hogwarts, there are many magical events in this world of good and evil. Again, there are sporting activities taking place, namely Quidditch. Alongside the stories of the students and their achievements in the wizarding qualifications comes the battle between the ultimate evil of Lord Voldermort and the good magic of the students led by their equally impressive teachers and headmaster Dumbledore.

There are many other stories that centre around school or educational establishments and they often look at the lives of the students as well as the lives of what are usually slightly eccentric teachers.

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