Are you ready to ‘MMMBop’ your way to the top of the charts? 90’s band Hanson proved that even kids can write hit songs, so it’s something you can do too!

Many musicians and singers dream of song production and creation that will become a nationwide hit. The good news is that anyone can do it, if they know what’s required.

If you’re ready for your time in the spotlight, keep reading to find five steps to writing a hit song.

  1. Brainstorm Ideas

If you want to write a song, first think about what genre of song you want to write and what sort of story you want to tell.

Whether it’s country, pop, or something slow and romantic, it helps to first visualize ideas and even take notes of things that inspire and encourage you.

  1. Come Up With a Catchy Beat

If you want your song to be a hit, it’s all about that beat. Songwriters and producers know that one of the best ways to land on the charts is by creating songs with a beat that people just can’t get out of their heads.

A memorable beat that’s original can be hard to come up with, but it can make or break your song. Remember, if you do sample beats from another song, you’ll need to pay royalties to the song’s original creator.

  1. Work on Your Lyrics

What will your song say to the world? Writing lyrics is another important step in the process of creating a hit.

How do you write great lyrics? Experts recommend thinking first about what you want to say, then trying to write your lyrics in a conversational style.

You can also read lyrics from other songwriters to get ideas about how they form their lyrics—it’s like writing a poem, but setting it to music.

  1. Find a Producer

Next, you’ll want to find the right producer who can take your song concept from idea into reality.

Experts like this pop producer can help you find the right vocals, musicians, and beats to develop your song.

They may also be able to use their industry knowledge and contacts to help your song get noticed.

  1. Promote Your New Hit Song Online

Once your song is ready, it can help to promote it online—with any luck, it will go viral! Many artists these days have gotten their start through YouTube or social media, so be sure to set up a channel for your music and promote your latest hit to your target audience.

Use These Song Recording Tips to Climb to the Top of the Charts

Are you ready to write a hit song? If so, use these tips to take that beat you’ve been humming to yourself and turn it into an amazing song.

It may take some patience and trial and error until you’re happy with how your song sounds, but you’re sure to create a winner if you keep at it.

Get started today and watch your song climb to number one!

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