In September 2004 over a remote island somewhere in the Pacific ocean an airplane suffers some kind of devastating failing and breaks up in mid-air. Huge sections of the airplane, which was en route from Australia to Los Angeles accident onto the island. After the shock of their situation has passed somewhat a few of the survivors concur that they need to figure and try out where they are and try to make call with anybody who could be able to assist them. Once they discover the cockpit area, they discover out from a hurt pilot that the aircraft had lost contact with ground control six hrs after they took off.

The source of the strange noises

From the jungle now makes its existence felt as a monster appears and drags off the pilot, killing him at the same time. Jack, Kate and Charlie make a run for the coastline. It turns out that Jack is a spine specialist that was on his method residence to chinese series Los Angeles. He attempts to conserve one of the hurt survivors and while doing so finds a mugshot of Kate that now he has expanded fairly close to. The U.S. Marshall who had actually been escorting Kate on the aircraft is dead and although there is skepticism in between the pair originally, they decide to put it behind them and begin afresh.

One of the survivors is an Iraqi called Sayid. A few of the survivors determine to take the transceiver to higher ground to see if they can locate a signal with it. They at some point get to greater ground and turn on the transceiver but locate out that they can not obtain a signal out due to the fact that a more powerful transmitter on the island is efficiently obstructing theirs. One of the group, Shannon is able to equate and claims that the female is claiming “I’m alone now, on the island alone. When they return to the team with the negative information a sense of foreboding spreads amongst the survivors.


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