Even though several movies and TV shows portray musicians and actors as performers who often have a lucky break to enter the industry, it rarely happens that way. Most talent, from actors and models to authors and musicians, requires an extra push. This is where talent agents come in. They have a strong variety of responsibilities, all of which consist in helping their clients build their careers throughout various industries.

Finding Work

The talent agent’s biggest responsibility involves finding their clients a steady, consistent stream of work. This is difficult for performing talents, since they are often too occupied working to find future gigs on their own.  Experienced talent agents such as Bryan Lourd, David Guillod and Ari Emanuel have an extensive network of trusted casting managers, directors and other important connections that can inform them of potential gigs for their clients. A newer talent agent has the responsibility of establishing these connections.

Conducting Research

Just as important as networking among job providers is getting to know each client, their strengths and their weaknesses. While talent agents do not provide as much in-depth support as talent managers, they still try to get to know their clients well enough to find fitting work for them. They must keep in touch with the talent by watching their latest performances, read their scripts or keep up with any relevant news. Networking, client research and work searching takes up several hours a day and sometimes spills to nights and weekends.

Negotiating Contracts

One other major duty for agents is negotiating contracts for their clients. Agents always work on behalf of their clients, so they also look after them when it comes to contracts and pay. They are ready to be assertive when it comes to securing a fair deal for their clients while also satisfying the buyer.

Talent agents have an involving job as they represent their clients on several areas. From securing gigs to negotiating contracts, they ensure talents find guaranteed success in their careers.

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