Before creating a nightclub, there are many things to consider: the location, the presence of other nearby night spots, and the needs of the target population … Here we will discuss 5 key factors that need to be analyzed before to embark on such an adventure.

The location, the place to be

Choosing the right location is essential when launching your disco. In the city center or on the outskirts, by the sea or in the ski resort, the possibilities are varied. Nevertheless, it is first and foremost important to define your target population and identify your needs before choosing your location. Is it wiser to opt for a location close to the target’s workplace if the latter is used to meeting with colleagues for an afterword or close to bars and other places of nightlife if she prefers to go out later in the night. The advantage of creating a nightclub on the periphery will be to limit the cost of renting or buying land. Nevertheless, creating a nightclub in the city center makes it possible to take advantage of the urban transport network and to avoid the construction of a car park. This is the choice made by the Miami nightclub located in the heart of Miami in the tenth arrondissement near the Strasbourg Saint Denis metro station. With the best happy hour in Miami you can have the best time.

Identify the habits of future clients

Multiple analyzes must be conducted to characterize the habits of potential customers: What are the days of the week they go out? What is the average budget spent on outings? What are their musical tastes? What drinks do they consume? Is the target population faithful to its places of exit or, on the contrary, does it prefer every week to discovering a new place? In the first case, it will initially be difficult to attract new customers and the need to stand out and innovate will be very great. In the second case, the mere fact of being new to the market will arouse curiosity and will be beneficial for the company but the most difficult will be to deploy methods to retain new customers.

Analyze competitors, strengths and weaknesses

The presence of other actors on the determined location may prove to be an advantage if these are well identified. To locate a discotheque close to bars, if these close relatively early will bring customers. Synergies can also be created with adjacent leisure establishments, a bar can offer for example entries and preferential rates from the nearby discotheque. On the other hand, if these bars turn into dance floor at nightfall and target the same clientele, they will be real competitors. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors will make it possible to offer a complementary and attractive offer.

To propose an innovating offer to be able to continue

Attendance at night establishments is down sharply with a drop of 10 to 30% depending on the geographical areas. Many small clubs are closing because the big discotheques that can afford the best artists and offer several atmospheres in complexes with three or four rooms attract the bulk of customers. To face this, it is necessary to be innovative: to propose a new offer or to combine several services. Master the communication tools

To become known and attract new customers, it is essential to master the communication tools. This includes social media activity and lead creation (“action set to create business contacts”) to showcase events.

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